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PrestO ChangeO GirlO

Stories dealing with magic, sci-fi, and chemical transformation. Here you will find stories where the focus revolves around some sort of mystical transformation, or futuristic story-line



Stories where the main character is totally changed into a woman and has to deal with the living in a contemporary setting. The transformations will tend to involve professional job such as secretary, nurse, stewardess, etc



Stories dealing with crossdressers. Generally the Crossdressers first experience; no physical changes.




Stories where the main character is changed by a girlfriend,  wife or friend against his will. The change may be permanent or temporary.  Mild submission and forced feminization.






Stories where the main character is changed into a young girl and learns to deal with the everyday life of a teenager.




 PrestO ChangeO GirlO




“Geez, Sam - would you stop staring like that...?”

The slender, Scandinavian-looking man jerked out of his mild daze, his fair skin showing red as his eyes flicked away.

“I wasn’t staring.” He protested - rather lamely.

Linda snorted. “Riiight - you weren’t staring at all. You just happened to be looking in my direction... and drooling.”

“Hey!” Sam said, an embarrassed grin riding on his lips. “So I might have been staring - inadvertently, of course - but I wasn’t drooling!”

“Uh huh.” Linda said, her face screwing up into an exaggerated expression of doubt. “Then how come you look like you need a bib?”

Without waiting for a response (which Sam didn’t have anyway), the tall, athletically feminine woman turned away and finished carrying the last of her luggage into the small cabin by the lake, leaving Sam alone with himself.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!” Sam said, slapping himself on the forehead. Slumping onto the bumper of his Jeep CJ, the platinum-blond youth berated himself for his behavior. “What the hell’s wrong with you, anyway?”

Samuel Vogelmann and Linda Corwin were as inseparable as a pair of Siamese twins - but it wasn’t anything romantic or sexual. The same age - 22, - the two had met when they were in grade school, when Sam’s parents had moved into the house next door. Back then, Sam had been a pale, scrawny little kid with a shy nature and a slippery grasp of the English language, and Linda had been the tall, gangly tomboy next door. Both had received a fair share of taunts at the hands of their so-called peers, and had found themselves becoming best friends.

Then they’d grown older - and Linda had matured into a stunning beauty. An avid outdoorswoman, she had a lithe, toned body that was tanned to match her tawny blonde hair. She had a somewhat athletic figure, but it suited her - and in no way detracted from her femininity. With large, firm breasts and long legs that would make a monk have impure thoughts, she had the powerful grace of a lioness - and the easy, friendly nature that defused the ‘standoffish’ air that many classically beautiful women inadvertently generated.

Sam, on the other hand, had grown into - a slender, pale, somewhat shorter then average man with fair skin and a shyly humorous personality. By the time he’d become aware of the miracle of girls, and had found himself remarkable attracted to the young woman Linda had become, Linda had already developed a ‘taste’ in men - the big, athletic, outdoorsman type of guy.

About as far from Sam as you could get, in other words. Though he’d told her of his attraction to her - causing a few weeks of discomfort between them before it blew over - they had finally decided that their incredibly strong friendship could withstand the burden of the gender-created friction between them, and had remained inseparable friends to this day.

Which didn’t meant that Sam was able to simply ‘turn off’ his attraction for the golden goddess Linda had become. Instead, he relied mainly on her understanding and unfailingly cheerful good-nature to allow his occasion ‘mistake’ to slip through without causing any problems.

Which, normally, would have been fine - as old friends, they’d grown comfortable with the situation, for the most part.

However, things were a little different at the moment - and that’s why Sam was sitting on the big chrome bumper on his Jeep and resisting the urge to bang his head against the side of the vehicle a few dozen times.

“You must be some sort of  genius, Sam.” He told himself, shaking his head. “Your best friend in the whole world rents a cabin to surprise her boyfriend with a romantic weekend getaway - and when she tells him about it, he reveals that he’s been cheating on her with her best girl friend, then dumps her on the spot - leaving good old Linda with the contract for the cabin. Which she can’t pay, because she was counting on Mr.-now-ex-boyfriend to pay half. So, instead - she invites you along if you’ll cover the other half of the cabin, and so that she can be away from the apartment while he and his new girlfriend move his stuff out. So what do you, the oh-so-reliable-and-caring best friend do? You stare at her tits while she’d going through one of the worst times of her life.” He sighed and shook his head again. “Some fuckin’ genius, Sam.”

Sighing, Sam shouldered the last of his luggage and carried it up the weather planking of the deck and through the screen door into the small cabin.

“I hope you don’t mind - but I’m stealing the bedroom.” Linda said, coming out of the room in question and jerking a thumb over her shoulder to it’s interior. “I’m not trying to be the ‘bad guy’ hear - but...”

“No problem, Linda.” Sam said, following her hand gesture in the direction of the couch - the couch that would have been extremely cramped for her, with her being a good six inches taller then his own five-four. He dropped his luggage at the end of the faded plaid couch, his back giving a mental groan at the though of spending the weekend curled up on it - but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make, figuring that it would do as penance for his previous - and possible - slips.

“So, I guess that’s everything.” Linda said, walking over to the kitchen that formed a corner of the large main room. “What do you think - put this stuff away, then grab a swim before dinner?” She smiled at Sam, hands spread questioningly.

Even if you didn’t know Linda very well, it wasn’t hard to see how hard she was working at being her usual cheerful self - and part of it was him, Sam knew.

The cabin was supposed to be a romantic getaway - and, instead, she was spending the weekend here after being dumped. She could have avoided coming - Sam would have still paid the other half of the cost, regardless of whether she, he, or anyone used the cabin. But that would have meant facing her ex-boyfriend while he moved his stuff out, so she’d taken the cabin - and ended up in a dilemma.

She didn’t want to spend the weekend alone, not in her emotional state - yet the one ‘close’ female friend she’d had had been the one that cheated on her and stole her boyfriend. Which ruled her out.

So she’d turned to Sam, and he knew that she really appreciated his being there for her, in theory - but having a man who was so obviously attracted to her around at such a vulnerable point wasn’t exactly ideal, either...

“Actually - I thought I’d take a stroll through the woods.” Sam said, making up his ‘plan’ on the spur of the moment. “Like the guy at the gas station said, this land was fought over by the French, English, Spanish - and, of course, the Indians who were here first. You never know what you’ll find.”

“Okay.” Linda agreed - almost too readily. “I think I’ll take a quick dip and a hot bath, then make some dinner - say, about an hour?”

“Sure - sounds fine.” Sam agreed. Slipping on a light jacket, he headed out of the cabin while Linda disappeared into her bedroom to get changed - and he knew that she hoped that he was gone before she emerged, not wanting to be ogled in a bikini that would make her very ogle-able to Sam.

So, picking a direction at random, he tromped off into the woods before he could succumb to the temptation to stay and ogle.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Perfect timing, Sam.” Linda said, turning from the stove. “I was... what the heck is that?”

“I have no idea - I found it while I was out walking.” Sam replied, placing the item in question on the table and peeling off his coat. “I think it’s an Indian... something.”

One hand over her mouth to hold in a surprised giggle, Linda drew closer to the item on the table for a better look.

It was wood, and obviously quite old. Hand carved, it was rather rough-hewn - but was still ‘recognizable’, as some sort of mythical creature that had the body of a man but the head of an animal - a wolf, perhaps, or maybe a coyote. From it’s jaws extended a tongue that was obviously supposed to be a snake.

“That’s... weird.” Was the best description Linda could come up with. “I wonder if it’s worth anything?”

“I don’t know.” Sam said, sitting down at the table and eyeing the carved image. “Maybe - it depends...”

Sam had lifted his eyes to look at Linda as he was talking to her - and now he flushed and looked away. Having come from a warm bath, she was dressed only in a bathrobe - and, leaning over to look at the carved item, a mouth-watering amount of her firm, round, DDD-cup breasts were inadvertently on display.

At the way he stopped talking, Linda shifted her gaze from the strange item to Sam, who was blushing and staring at the floor - then realized why. Her own face turning red, she straightened up and wrapped the robe more tightly around her trim, tanned body.

“I’m sorry, Linda.” Sam said, embarrassed. Not wanting to meet her eyes at that moment, he picked up the small, graven totem and idly rolled it in his hands nervously. “I really...”

“No, no - it wasn’t your fault.” Linda said, sympathetically, sitting down in the chair across the table. “You didn’t plan that - just like I didn’t realize that I was... displaying myself.”

Sam sighed. “Maybe - but it’s things like this that make it so difficult sometimes.” He shrugged. “You know - I just wish there was a way I could make this easier for you...”

The words were hardly out of his mouth when time seemed to come to a screeching halt.

Everything around him - and he himself - stopped moving. It was as if God had hit the ‘pause’ button, freezing him into place, and the rest of the world as well.

Then Sam began to feel a strange tingling sensation in his hands.

Because he’d been staring downward, unable to meet Linda’s eyes, he was able to see most of himself through the frozen viewpoint his immobile eyes provided. So he was able to watch as the carved item he held began to glow with an eerie, inner light, turning the warn, weather gray wood into a rich, silvery light.

A light that spread rapidly down his arms.

If he’d been able to react, he might have screamed, might have thrown the carved totem away from him - but he was locked into position, only able to watch as the translucent glow enveloped his body.

Then, through the glow, watch his body begin to change.

Emotions flooded through him, hot on the heels of one another - shock, confusion, horror, fear. The emotions ran the gamut as he watched his body’s contours alter in a way that left no doubt as to what was happening. Throughout his entire, immobile form, he could feel the strange tingling sensation take over as his skin began to become softer, smoother...

...more feminine.

He’d never been all that hairy to begin with, and his platinum-blond body hair against his pale skin was hard to see in any case. But that didn’t keep him from noticing the way his body hair became finer, silkier, even less noticeable against his softer, smother skin - as the body that skin enveloped altered as well, also becoming undeniably feminine.

It wasn’t just his body that was changing, though - it was his clothes. As he watched helplessly, his chest began to bulge outwards underneath the simple white cotton work-shirt he wore - but rather then grow tight over the rapidly swelling breasts, the shirt constantly altered to keep up with them - and then some.

As his burgeoning bust passed Linda’s own mouth-watering mounds in size, the buttons of the white cotton garment undid themselves, revealing the white ‘wife-beater’ shirt he wore beneath it - and a ‘delectable’ amount of milky, smooth cleavage from his swelling tits.

The shirt then somehow tired itself off under his swelling breasts, as the undershirt writhed and changed, becoming a white spandex crop-top that encased his now-massive tits. They had finally stopped growing - but were easily the size of basketballs, and strained the white spandex to taut curvature over them, displaying a modest-yet-delightful amount of cleavage.

The shirt had also altered to become sleeveless, though it retained it’s collar. Now it bared his slender, feminine arms from slender whist to smoothly feminine shoulder.

His hands had become dainty and feminine, each slender finger tipped with a long, red nail. His heavy, metal ‘Navigator’ style watch writhed and changed, becoming a small gold-toned watch with a blue face, mounted on a slender brown-leather strap.

The rest of his body was also changing, though he couldn’t observe those changes nearly as well. He could feel his hips and ass filling out to - most likely ‘delightfully’ - feminine proportions, while the jeans he wore altered style slightly to become a pair of women’s jeans that hugged his new hips and ass tightly. His legs were also undergoing some sort of change, as where his feet - and the shoes that enclosed them. From the sense of tingling, Sam knew that his face was also changing to match his rapidly female form - and everything else was, as well.

Then the glow vanished, and as time restarted, she held the horrified certainty that she was now female in every single respect.

“Just being here is more then... what’s wrong?” Linda asked, as Sam screamed and twitched, the totem dropping from nerveless - and utterly feminine - fingers.

“I’m a woman!” Sam half-shouted, hearing the words emerge in a hysterical feminine voice. “I... I’ve got breasts!  

With a stunned, confused expression, Linda rose from her chair. “Sam? Sam - what...? What are you shouting about? What’s wrong?”

Sam gaped at Linda incredulously. “What’s wrong?” She asked, stunned. Her dainty hands rose to her chest and hefted her huge, weight new tits. “Look at me!”

Linda looked deeply concerned and slowly came around the table. “Sam - I don’t understand. Is there something wrong with your brests?”

Sam blinked. “Wrong with them?” She asked, Linda’s actions and words beginning to seep through his confusion, horror and fear.  She took a deep breath and forced herself to gain some measure of control, however tenuous. “Linda... do you notice anything different about me?”

Linda frowned. “Different? I... no, I don’t think so. What’s... what are you asking me?”

Sam frowned in confusion. “You.. you didn’t see the totem... glow?”

Linda’s concerned eyes flew wide in surprise. “Glow?”

“Yeah - we were sitting, talking, and I said that I wished there was something I could...” Her voice trailed off as stunned comprehension began to set in. “Wait a second.. I wished...”

Staring sidelong at Sam in confusion, Linda bent and picked up the carved piece of wood, turning it over in her hands. “Glow?” She repeated, confused, then sighed. “I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with you, Sam...”

Then she made a strangled screaming sound, and the totem dropped from her hands as she took three steps back and stared at Sam, who was gaping back at her.

“You... you were a guy!” She said, pointing one shaking hand at Sam. “But... You.. I...”

That made the tenuous idea that Sam had been considering solidify. “You know!” She shouting, standing up and taking a step towards Linda...

...who shied back, wide eyed, shaking her head in denial.

“Linda?” Sam said, surprised.

“I.. you...’ Linda stopped and took several deep breaths, then slumped against the couch and stared at Sam. “You were a guy - then you made a wish on the totem, and it turned you into a woman so I would feel more comfortable around you, and could discuss ‘girl’ things with you.”

Sam relaxed a bit. She had realized that Linda hadn’t noticed anything strange about her transformation - until she’d ‘wished’ on the totem...

“Linda - do you know what’s going on?” She asked, slumping back into the chair. “I mean - my God! I’ve been turned into a woman. It’s just a little... confusing.”

Linda swallowed. “Tell me about it. Right now, I remember you as being Samantha Vogelmann, by best friend since grade school - yet I also remember you being Samuel Vogelmann, and making a wish on the..” She swallowed. “I mean... which one’s real?”

Sam took a deep breath - glad to know that she wasn’t going insane. “I only remember me being male, and then getting turned into a woman - apparently by making that wish, though I had no way of knowing that would happen.” She swallowed - then hesitantly asked the question that she desperate for the answer to, while being terrified at what the answer might be. “Do... Do you know why it made my wish come true - and... can I change back?”

Linda had been staring, wide-eyed, at the totem - and now she shook her head and looked at Sam in deep compassion. “Oh, my good - I didn’t realize...” She swallowed. “Part of me still thinks of you as Samantha, and I didn’t think...”

“Linda...” Sam said, as gently as possible under the circumstances.

“Oh! - Yes, you can change back.” Linda said, realizing what the wait for an answer would be doing to Sam. “Sorry - I’m still trying to.. cope. Anyway - anybody who holds that totem gets three wises, if it’s... ‘charged’.”

“Is it?” Sam asked, fearfully. “Charged, I mean?”

Linda nodded. “Oh, yes - it’s been sitting, undisturbed, for nearly a century - it’s got enough ‘[juice’ to give us each our three wishes, though it’ll need a good fifty years after that before it’ll work again.”

“Thank God!” Sam exploded, slumping in relief.

Linda bent over and picked up the fallen totem, handling it as gingerly as if it were a live grenade. “If... If you want, I’ll wish you.. uh.. ‘back’.” Linda offered, obviously still having trouble seeing Sam as the man she ‘really’ was, other then the life-long girl friend she (and the rest of the world) currently knew her as.

Sam started to agree - then stopped. Now that the urgent question had been settled, she was no longer panicked and horrified. Indeed, with the initial shock and horror fading, she found herself...


“Wait a second...” She said slowly in her sweet, trilling new voice. Rising from the chair, she walked slowly across the room towards the bathroom.

Now that her mind wasn’t swamped with powerful, negative emotions, Sam could pay more attention to her new form a bit more - and was aware of the way she was moving. Along with the body and ‘past’ of a woman, the wish had also given her the moves and habits to match. She’d just mentally commanded herself to walk - but, from there, her body took over, and it was walking in a decidedly feminine way without any ‘prompting’ from her male mind.

Which was a good thing, she thought with a wry grin - as she’d have no idea how to walk in the white leather sandals she was wearing, complete with the three-and-a-half-inch wooden ‘block’ heels.

Reaching the bathroom door, she swung it open and stepped to the side, allowing herself to see the reflection of her new body in the mirror mounted on the back of the door.

A stunningly sexy, beautiful - if outrageously over-endowed - platinum blonde woman stared back at her.

She was slightly on the short side - but most of that diminutive height was obviously from her long, slim legs. Although hidden under the taut cloth of her faded jeans, Sam had no doubt that the legs were absolutely spectacular - because that would match the rest of her new body.

Her hips were a trifle on the slender side for a woman’s - though much wider then the had been as a man. The ‘slim’ hips, however, were made to look wider by the amazingly slender waist that her tied-off sleeveless blouse displayed.

A waist that lay in the shadow of her massive, firm tits, which were definitely out-sized for her svelte frame. Wonderingly, Sam again hefted her huge new endowments, feeling their weight and mass in the dainty hands that didn’t come close to encompassing her basket-ball sized spheres. She knew that some men would find these tits absolutely spectacular, but even if she wasn’t burdened with their heavy mass she would have found them ridiculously out-sized - her own breast appreciation was such that she found Linda’s large tits on her athletic frame to be not only perfect, but the maximum size before staring the down-slide of ‘too much’ - and these chest-melons were considerably larger then hers.

Her shoulders and arms were slender, feminine, and milky-smooth - as was the rest of her body. Her coloration was very close to what it had been as a man, but now it was softer and smoother.

A long, slender neck lead up to a stunning face. A combination of sexy, beautiful and cute, it boasted large, bright blue eyes, a pert nose and full, soft lips.

It was also simply, yet attractively, made-up, complete with gloss-red lipstick. The wish had been so comprehensive as to have altered reality itself, with the exception of her own sense of self. In the altered history, the female Sam had done what would have been expected of her, and applied make-up this morning.

Which was also why her clothes matched her form.

Her platinum-blonde hair was the same shade it had always been, but now it was much finer and silkier. Fairly short, the hair was nevertheless styled in a feminine manner, hanging almost to her collar at the back and on the right side, where most of it was swept over from the left side, just above the ear. It was a ‘do that managed to be both sexy and - somehow - ‘perky’.

“Geez - I’m a babe! A massively over-endowed babe, granted, but a babe...” Sam breathed in stunned surprise...

Continued in the site...









Humming to himself, Barry headed down the steps towards the gym’s entrance. Today was his first day at the new gym - and he was looking forward to it.

Because it had taken him six months to get the court to let him join.

Even after all the headaches, the muscular, handsome lawyer still got a kick out of the whole thing. It had first started as a joke - the tall, broad-shouldered lawyer had been looking for a new gym when his old one closed. He’d gone through the Yellow Pages, copying down addresses to check out, when he’d come across the add for ‘Miss Fit’s Health Club’ - an overly-cute title for a women’s only gym.

That’s what had gotten Bartholomew Robert McNeil thinking. After all, women had challenged all-male gyms, and won. So, he decided that he was going to fight the system for ‘Men’s Rights’ - and he had won, too. The court had decreed that the gym had no choice but to allow Barry a membership, if he so choose. And, just to piss of the dykes and bitches who used an all-female gym, he’d done just that.

Now, feeling cocky and smug, he stepped through the doors to the gym where he was now a member and took a look around.


The entire building appeared to be empty, from what Barry could see. Not just the gym area, seen through the set of double glass doors at the end of the lobby, but the entire building itself. There was no sign of employees, patrons, custodial staff - not a single living person except himself.

Barry grinned slightly to himself. The Fema-Nazis who ran and used the place had obviously decided to make his victory a ‘moot’ one. If he had the right to ‘intrude’, then they were going to deny him the chance to ogle them.

However, the joke was on them - Barry really didn’t care. After all, most of the patrons of a women’s only gym were lesbians and feminists, and he really didn’t find hairy, mannish women attractive. The point of this little exercise hadn’t been to ogle their unlovely flesh - he just wanted to teach the damned bitches a lesson. If the end result was that he got to use the gym by himself, so much the better.

Heading into the change room, Barry tossed his gym bag onto a bench and slowly stripped down, eyeing the faintly feminine decor of the room. He had to admit that, if nothing else, this gym smelled better then the ones he was used to.

Pulling off his somber black suit in favor of a pair of red shorts and a white T-shirt, the muscular, russet-haired man slid his bare feet into a well-worn and faded pair of Nikes and headed out to the main are of the gym, where several thousand dollars worth of machine gleamed under the fluorescent lights, idle and almost antiseptically clean. For the first time since the broad-shouldered man had gone to a gym, there was no delay whatsoever to use any machine - he actually had a pick of what he wanted to use, in what order.

He began to wander through the various machines, surprised to find very few that he was familiar with. It wasn’t just the brand-names were different - it was the fact that each machine had been designed specifically for women, and so had differences that ranged from subtle to confusing. There was even one or two that completely mystified him.

He walked over to one of the completely unknown machines, a strange device in chrome, pink and white. He tilted his head and read the lettering running up the side of the machine in ‘futuristic’ italic letters.

“The Body Bender,” He read aloud, a hint of amusement in his deep, rumbling voice. He leaned closer to make out the smaller lettering beneath. “The Complete Full-Body Workout Machine to Re-Shape the Figure from Head to Toe.”

Shaking his head and snorting, Barry straightened and eyed the odd-looking machine. Moving around, he could see that it had a computerized LCD display and controls that were labeled as to a complete workout session. Shrugging his massive shoulders, Barry awkwardly slithered into the embrace of the complicated machine, having to shoe-horn his massive frame into a design that didn’t consider such a figure being placed in it. Finally, he managed to get fairly comfortable in the white-and-pink vinyl padding of the chair that lay at the center of the machine.

Reaching out with a thick, blunt finger, Barry hit the big green button marked ‘Init.’ Immediately, there was a rising hum and various parts of the machine moved slightly in preparation. Startled, Barry almost leapt from the machine as the seat he was sitting in suddenly came alive, shifting beneath his massive form...

...and around it. The padding moved until it formed a headrest at the top that gripped his head and held it lightly in position. More padding lifted, shifted and moved, and Barry - who, bemused, let the machine do it’s work - soon found himself strapped into the machine, basically held in it’s embrace.

Then the machine let out a muted beep - and went to work.

Just as Barry felt an odd prick in the base of his skull, a recorded voice began to issue from speakers somewhere. He recognized the voice as belonging to the bitch who owned the gym - Terri? Tommi? No - Teddi.

“Mr. Martin - you stupid, stupid man.” Her recorded voice said with contempt - and he felt a stir of anger.

The next words turned it into a stir of fear.

“We bet on the fact that you’d be stupid enough to use a machine that you knew nothing about at some point during your workout - and here you are, caught in the web of our revenge. You didn't think I’d just quietly let you get away with this, did you?”

Barry tried to extract himself from the whirring machine - and discovered, with horror, that not only couldn’t he move his body - he couldn’t even feel it. There was no sensation at all in his body.

“Don’t bother trying to struggle.” Teddi’s voice said, smugly. “You’ve already been injected with a combination paralytic agent and anesthetic. We briefly considered leaving the anesthetic out completely - but nobody deserves to feel the agony that what comes next would cause.”

Now Barry was truly scared - what the hell was going on?

“Even though you can’t feel it,” the voice continued, “right now your body is being cut into by a thousand precision-controlled lasers. These lasers are cutting away skin and fat and muscle, tissue of all sorts - even bone. However, they won’t even singe your nerves, organs, veins and arteries. No - you’ll still be alive when they finish cutting you down to almost nothing.

Barry was horrified by what he was hearing. It didn’t seem possible - they couldn’t really do that to him...

...could they?

The sickly-sweet odor of burning flesh almost sent him over the edge in full-blown panic.

“Oh - don’t worry.” The voice continued. “We’re not going to leave you as a set of disembodied organs.”

A minute or two passed, then the odor faded a bit. Barry realized that his hearing had changed, becoming less distinct, and that he was no longer blinking at all.

Because he no longer had ears, or eyelids. His eyes and eardrums were now completely unattached from their anchors.

The voice continued.

“By now, you are nothing more than your exposed brain connected to your organs. Everything else is gone, and the little that is left is being held in place by special bursts of air, carefully regulated with the right humidity and content to avoid any damage. To an onlooker, you’d be a gruesome sight, disembodied organs apparently floating in mid-air.”

The machine’s humming took on a different tone.

“Now a skeleton is being created in place around your organs. It’s made of a synthetic poly-carbon polymer that is both lighter and stronger than naturally occurring bone - and is filled with living bone-marrow that matches your blood-type.”

Barry was now listening to those words as a sort of life-line to keep him from mindless insanity. He was hovering right at the edge of complete break-down, and only the effort of deciphering the word - as horrible as the message was - was the only thing keeping him barely sane.

“Now - a layer of synthetically created muscle tissue is being added, as well as other tissues. Certain organs and nerve endings are also being moved and relocated to fit the profile of your new figure.”

There was a couple of minutes, during which all Barry could here was the odd sounds of the machine at work.

“Now, the final work is being done. Artificial skin is being applied, new glands are being emplaced, and artificial hair and nails are being created. Which means that it’s time to do the other part of our little vengeance.”

Before Barry could even wonder what that meant, a screen of some sort dropped into position in front of his immobile eyes. Strange colors and patterns began to swirl on the surface...

Too late, he realized that they were, quite literally, hypnotic. More than that, an unfelt needle was dumping large amounts of a hypnotic agent into his bloodstream. Before he even realized what was going on, he was in a deep trance, his mind disconnected from reality as new information was fed directly into the unguarded depths of his subconscious mind.

* * * * * * * *


The groan was low and deep, made by somebody lost in the depths of a nightmare that refused to break.


Definition and coherency began to form as the figure stirred, nearing wakefulness.


The scream was ripped from his throat as he struggled to sit bolt upright, heart pounding in his chest and eyes open wide at the memory. But even as the denial was torn from his throat, he knew that it wasn’t a denial he was capable of making.

Or rather - that she was capable of making. Because the scream came out in a rich, undeniably feminine voice, and even as she truly began to register her surroundings, new sensations assaulted her mind, proving that this was no nightmare - but that the horror was real.

With a tremendous burst of energy provided by adrenaline, she forced herself upright against the heavy, padded restrain across her chest, feeling new sensations flood her as she tried to come to grips with the realization of what had been done to her. She looked down...

For an instant, her mind went utterly blank as she stared at the incomprehensible sight of the most massive pair of tits she’d ever seen - thrust from her chest. that was the ‘padded weight’ that had hindered her movement, and now she merely gaped down at the huge, firm breasts, the size of medicine balls, that thrust proudly from her chest. They were a rich, yellowish-bronze color, and tipped by enormous, dark nipples that were swollen in the cool air. The weight of them pulled forward at her slender body, despite the fact they were incredibly - impossibly - firm. They were the most unbelievable pair of tits she’d ever seen, as big as some of the hyper-inflated silicone orbs of ‘big-tit’ men’s magazines, and they were attached to her chest.

“No...” She sobbed, shaking her head in vain denial. “Please, of God.. no...”

She heard the words come out in a high, almost girlish soprano, and that only made her useless denial that much pathetic. The motion of her shaking her head caused a sensation on her shoulders, like a fine silk being drawn across them, and she realized that it was the touch of her new hair across her shoulders. Nothing her body was experiencing was ‘right’, from sight to sound to touch - everything conspired to prove to her that she was no longer who she’d once been. She was now a woman, right down to the huge, firm tits she’d been sentenced to life with. She was no longer...

Her panicked horror mingled with confusion as she tried to summon the thought. She no longer resembled her old self...

The horror and panic began to redouble as she realized that she couldn’t remember who she was. Or, perhaps, who she had been, as she no longer bore the same identity. She knew that this body wasn’t hers, that she had been a man who’d been transformed into a woman at a gym, by the vengeful owner... but she couldn’t bring to mind which gym - or even which city the gym was in. She couldn’t remember what her ‘real’ name was, or what ‘she’ had looked like, or done for a living. Although she knew that this was all wrong, the opposite of what had been, no detail of her old, male life would come clearly top mind.

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Knowing What You Have

The emptiness engulfed me as I walked through the doorway.  A room once filled with the love of two people who were close enough that it seemed we read each others thoughts now seemed barren.  Not devoid of the materialistic trappings of life in this age.  The sofa and matching love seat, the entertainment center, the wine rack and shelves of knick-knacks, all the things were there.  But the love was gone and I didn't believe it would ever return.

I thought back to the day weeks earlier, when I had shoved that love right out through the doorway of our home.  Now my home.  Mine alone, for now and probably forever.  When I had called the one man that I had come to love more than anyone else on Earth, more than even myself, "sick and twisted".  When I had sent him from our home in tears, a suitcase in his hand and hissed at him to "go and keep your sick, pervert self far the hell away from me."

The tears flowed moments after the door closed behind him.  I'd been so self-righteous.  Filled with anger at what I perceived as a betrayal.  A breech of trust that nothing would ever seal.  Loathing a man whom hours before I'd thought the world of.  But when the tears began to flow, they started etching a void within me.  And like the trickle of a tiny stream flowing down a wall of granite, that small void widened with each passing drop of water.  Every tear intensified the loss I felt and now some weeks later, I wondered how I would go on.

I'd had trouble with everything from the moment he walked out the doorway.  The next morning, I'd cried when I had gone to the dresser to get lingerie to wear that day at work.  After seeing the man I loved wearing my lingerie and masturbating himself, I didn't know how many other times he'd done it.  I didn't know if he'd worn any of the things in my lingerie drawer.  The thought disgusted me. 

That morning I threw every single pair of panties, hose and bra out into the trash.   On the way to work I stopped at the convenience store and bought hose.  At lunch I ran to the nearby department store and bought enough new lingerie to get me through until I could make a real shopping trip.  After two days of crying most of the time, I finally sought help.  Even in choosing a therapist to see, I was guided by the image of what I'd seen my man doing.  So I chose a therapist who specialized in gender disorders.

Lucille Alton-Michaels-Jones was a name that I'd chosen from an ad in one of those weekly newspapers.  She was able to get me in the day after I called.  "Hi Rachel.  Call me Lucille." Her office was a quiet place, a converted apartment in a building that had become office spaces.  I followed her through what had once been a living room, into what had probably been the master bedroom.  There was a chair and a sofa and I practically flung myself down on the sofa, squirming and moving around until I felt comfortable.  "Good, you look like you're comfortable.   Now why have you come here?"

I took a deep breath before answering.  "I can't stop crying since Daryl left." "Okay.  How about some background about who Daryl is, and why he left?" "Daryl and I have been together for eight years now.  We never married, but we'd talked about it.  I threw him out a few weeks ago when I came home and found him wearing some of my lingerie." "I see.  So did you choose me as a therapist because I do a lot of work with gender-conflicted men?" "That was part of it.  I was hoping you could help me understand this." "I probably can, but let's explore what happened prior to this incident.  Had you seen or thought that Daryl was wearing your clothing before you found him that time?"

It took me a moment to review our eight year history.  Not once did I ever see or imagine that Daryl was wearing any of my clothes.  "Not that I remember.   Things had been good." "What about your sex life? When was the last time you and Daryl made love, before the time you found him in your lingerie?" I didn't hesitate to answer that question.  "The night before.  It was great.   At least I thought it was great.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Then we cuddled and I fell asleep on his chest." "Had your sex life been satisfying to both of you up until this incident? As far as you could tell anyway?"

Again, reflection.  Review.  Daryl never complained.  I was always ready and willing.  Anywhere and everywhere.  We'd made love in the back of cars, on board a plane, in his office, in my office.  We'd had a terrific sex life and I couldn't think of a single reason for him to be dissatisfied.  "It was great.   We both enjoyed making love and did our best to please one another.  There was nothing wrong with our sex life." "How often did Daryl masturbate?" "I never saw him doing it before then, so I don't know."

She questioned me about our sex life for almost half of our one hour appointment.   Then she finally began to explain a little about what she referred to as "gender-conflicted men".  "There are as many levels of what I refer to as gender-conflict as there are floors in a tall building.  At the very top is the transsexual who knows without doubt that he is a woman trapped in a male shell.  At the bottom floor is the normal, heterosexual male, who may be aroused by wearing panties.   Those are the extreme ranges in the tower of gender conflict as I refer to it.   Now what we don't know is on which level your Daryl's conflict resides."

"Does anyone ever leave this tower of yours?" "Yes.  Some resolve their conflicts, decide not to touch their female sides ever again, and walk out completely.  Others walk out through the top of the building after having transitioned into living full-time as women.  Those who go out through the top leave after their sex changes are complete." "So how would I know about all these levels and find out where Daryl is?" "You could ask him." "I don't know where he is, and even if I did, I don't know if he'd talk to me." "We'll talk more about it next week.  Our time is up."

I spent a lot of the next week thinking about my sex life with Daryl as a result of that hour I spent with Lucille.  No matter how much I thought back, I couldn't remember a time where Daryl wasn't totally satisfied.  I also tried to recall any event where he'd been involved in my clothing.  Aside from times when he bought some lingerie for me as a gift, he'd never really taken any interest in what I wore.

I did get a call from a friend of Daryl's that week.  He wanted to come by and get some things of Daryl's.  I asked him if he would give me a phone number or address for Daryl, and he said "sorry, he doesn't want to talk to you right now." "Why not? I need to talk to him." "Rachel, you need to respect his wishes right now.  After all, you're the one who threw him out.  Give him time and maybe he'll want to talk to you.  I'll tell him you asked about him."

Daryl's friend took some of his clothes and books that had been left behind.  The house seemed even emptier after those things were gone and it got worse the following morning.  Daryl's friend called again.  "Hi, it's Tom.  Can I come by and get a few things I missed yesterday?" "Yes.  Did you talk to Daryl about talking to me?" "Yes I did.  I have a note for you.  Can I come over now?" "Please."

Tom had a pickup truck this time and he proceeded to take every single thing that was clearly Daryl's.  The note was not typical of the man I loved with all my heart.   He'd never been terse with his words.  This note was just that.


Tom will collect the rest of what's clearly mine.  Make me an offer for what was 'ours' and if it's fair, I'll accept it and time payments.  I'm not interested in talking to you at this time.  Maybe when I've had more time to deal with being called sick and perverted by someone who I thought loved me.


"Tom, what if I gave you a note for him, would you take it to him?" "No.   The only message he's interested in right now is a number.  A number for his half of the furniture and other stuff that you're keeping." "Dammit Tom, I want to heal this rift between us and you aren't helping." "I think I am.  I am trying to keep it from getting worse while he heals.  Now if you aren't ready with a number, just call me when you are." "Fuck that, I'll write him a check."

I sat down at the computer and added up the prices we'd paid for the furnishings of the house.  I also used the mortgage amortization program to calculate how much equity we'd acquired through the years of payments.  Then I pulled out the checkbook and wrote a check.  "I have to call and make a transfer to cover this but I'll do it today" I said as I wrote out the check for the full amount.  In the advice section I wrote "I love you.  Forgive me.  Rachel." Then I signed it and handed it to Tom.  He folded it up without looking at it and put it in his shirt pocket.  "I'll give it to him when I see him today."

"And that was the last I'd heard." "Rachel, what if Daryl can't get over those things you said and you never get another chance with him.  Can you accept that?" "I may have to someday.  But not yet.  I love him and I'm not giving up on it just yet." "Fair enough.  When and if the day comes where you get another chance to talk to Daryl, just how do you intend to approach the subject of his dressing up?"

I didn't like it that Lucille could make me think so easily.  I'd come here for comfort and succor and instead was having to use my brain to think.  "Well I hope to be able to tell him that I've researched the subject and understand it better." "Good.  I will give you a list of books and websites to check out.   What else?" "I don't know what else" I said after another moment of reflection.  "I want you to consider something.  There is a group of cross-dressers that meets here once a week.  This group happens to be made up of men who either don't have a female significant other, or are in a relationship with a woman who doesn't accept their dressing up.  They would love to have a woman help them to look better.  If you were interested, I'm sure they might help you better understand their desires regarding wearing women's clothing.  Want to come to one of their meetings?"

I didn't know what to expect.  A 12 step group trying to lose their compulsion to wear pantyhose or a room full of sissified men in their girlfriend's undies.  Lucille didn't normally attend their meetings, but she came to the start of this one, to make sure they wanted me there.  I waited outside feeling like an actress waiting for an audition.  Lucille came out to talk to me.  "They would love to have you.   Just go in and introduce yourself and then listen to what they have to say for awhile.  They will eventually start asking you to help them."

I went into the meeting room and found five men dressed completely as women.  They all looked at me and I felt embarrassed.  An outsider.  A member of a club that they all wanted to join, but never could.  "Hi, I'm Rachel and Lucille told you why I'm here, at least I hope she did." "She did Rachel and you are welcome here.  Sit down while we introduce ourselves.  I'm Marcie.  We go by our femme names during meetings and use female pronouns in our conversations and hope you'll do the same with us."

Marcie was clearly the leader of the group.  "She" was also the least likely to ever pass for a woman.  As she sat back down I observed that she had to be at least six foot five without the spike heel shoes she was wearing.  She had broad shoulders and a thick neck and I wondered where in the world she'd found a dress to fit her proportions.  It dawned on me that she might have been a football player once.   "Rachel, I'm Alice.  I'm so glad you're here, so much I'd love to ask you."

Alice was sitting next to Marcie.  She looked to be about my height and scarier still, my weight.  She needed a bit of work, but with it, she could probably pass for a woman.  She was fashionably attired, a pleated skirt, soft sweater, dark tights, and a pair of Sam and Libby chunky heeled shoes with the laces tied in big bows.  A pair of shoes just like one I had at home.  "I love your shoes Alice, I have the same pair."

"Rachel, my name is Kristin." Kristin was short, and not fat, although there was the beginnings of a male pot-belly visible beneath her silk blouse.  She could also have passed as a female, except for the incredible amount of hair on her body.   I saw it beneath the silk blouse, both in front, and as she turned to adjust a cushion on the sofa before reseating herself, on her back.  Still, with some depilatory, a maybe.

"They call me Daphne and I would appreciate it if you do the same" the blonde next to Kristin said.  She was wearing a bouffant blonde wig and looked a little like Dolly Parton at first glance.  Short, with big bosoms.  But as I looked at her more closely, I realized that Daphne was much too squat to carry off the impersonation.   I didn't know what she was trying to do, but she looked silly.

"My name is Diane" said the final member of the group.  I had to do a double take when I looked over at her.  That was because she looked like a real woman.  She wore a cotton print skirt with a black blouse, black tights and a pair of chunk heeled loafers just like the pair I was wearing.  As I looked her over, I was amazed at how feminine she looked.  Tiny stud earrings in her ears, long hair with a clip pulling it back from her ears and a charm bracelet on one wrist.

"Thanks for making me feel so welcome.  Lucille said you would go on with your meeting for awhile while I sat in and then you all might want to ask me some questions." "Yes, that's what we thought would be best.  When you came in, Daphne was just talking about her experience in buying that wig she's wearing."

"I was so pissed at this woman.  Making such a fuss about me buying the wig.   I was paying good money, cash even.  And this bitch started doing her best to embarrass me.  I was so angry that if I hadn't really wanted this one, I'd have walked out of the store right then and there." "Why didn't you" Marcie asked.  "Because I wanted the wig." "So you let her insult you and you still spend your money in her business.  That's one of the things we need to work on.   Our self-esteem and positive image.  We do not need any of the things we want to wear badly enough to allow others to degrade us.  There is nothing wrong with dressing and we shouldn't let anyone try to dictate to us that there is."

Powerful words I thought, sitting there, soaking it all up.  Marcie was right.   There wasn't really anything wrong with a man who wanted to dress up in women's clothes.  That act, in and of itself, wouldn't harm a soul.  I sat through the rest of the meeting silently, listening to how these men encouraged one another, helped each other deal with the problems they'd encountered and were willing to share.   Towards the end, Marcie turned to me.  "Rachel, what do you think? Can at least some of us pass out in the world?"

I paused for a moment.  "I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so please forgive me.  Some of you can, and some of you probably can't.  I'd be more than willing to help all of you improve your feminine appearance, but I won't lie and say all of you could eventually "pass" as women.

The meeting ended with the appointment book in my purse heavy with the weight of six new meetings.  Between now and the next meeting of the group I would spend an hour with each of the five "ladies" of the group and then I would return for the next session of the group.

I hadn't intended to meet with the "ladies" of the group in any particular order, but somehow we had ended up with it arranged that I would meet with them in the order in which I'd met them in the room.  Coincidence or merely the fact that I'd started with Marcie and then gone around the room to find the times to tuck into my book.   Marcie and I would meet the following evening, at my place.  I'd told her to bring a few of her things and that we'd do the best we could.

"First thing I'm going to suggest is that you stop wearing big high heels, Marcie" I said as I invited her into the house.  "But the heels make me feel feminine and that's an important part of the experience

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Dropping his luggage on the floor, the tall, broad-shouldered youth pushed the door shut behind him with his foot while he looked around his new home.

Eric let out a low whistle. “Man - they weren’t kidding when they said ‘luxury accommodations’.” The brunet youth said, shaking his head. The athletic, vaguely handsome twenty-four year old graduate walked around the small - but luxurious - bungalow he’d been given. Dolby ProLogic sound system, connected to a 35 inch TV and DVD player. Well stocked wet bar. Top-of-the-line this, expensively-crafted that. The place was done in a modern decor, but not overwhelmingly so. Just enough to highlight all the modern conveniences and luxuries a red-blooded American man could want.

Best of all - it was free.

Eric still couldn’t believe his luck. After graduating, the young man had begun to look for a job - but with his education, earned on a football scholarship - nothing was to be found. While his few friends drifted away to different cities and different lives, he’d stayed in the college town, ending up working at the local burger joint.

Then NeoCorpus Inc. had entered his life.

The representative - a Miz Faber, a Feminist if he’d ever seen one, and probably a lesbo - had explained to Eric that he fit the profile perfectly. This had been after an exhaustive battery of tests, most of which Eric still didn’t understand the purpose of. Like the one about his life in the orphanage. Even weirder - the one asking all sorts of sex questions, as if they were testing his sexual knowledge. Eric thought that it had been a ‘hidden’ test to see if he were gay or not - under the law, they couldn’t actually ask that question, and such a test would be a way around it. It didn’t bother Eric - he was straight, and could sympathize with a company that didn’t want to hire any faggots.

But what Eric still understood the least was what, exactly, he was to do here. Faber had explained that the entire town was owned by the company, and all the ‘citizens’ worked for the company - except for him. She’d explained something about him being a ‘control’, a way of gauging how a town of employees differed - but most of it had gone over his head.

Besides which - he frankly didn’t care. The house was his for five years, during which he’d get a thousand dollars a month spending money. Then, at the end of the year, he was back on his own - but with whatever money he saved. It was a sweet deal.

Who cared why they wanted him here?

* * * * * *

“Test Subject Eric Smith - Case 001.” Beverly Faber recorded for posterity. “Subject Smith has just entered the primary residence, and is... taking stock. The program is officially underway.”

The sharp-featured woman watched on one of the many monitors that revealed different areas of Eric’s new ‘home’ - gilded cage was more accurate - as the image showed the youth carrying his luggage into the bedroom. He reappeared moments later and - after grabbing a six-pack of beer from the large bar fridge - slumping into the easy chair in front of the large-screen TV.

“Okay, people - look sharp. Our subject’s going to watch the tube. Be ready for the subliminal cutouts.”

Various underlings in the control room with her gave muted acknowledgments, then turned their attentions back to the unwitting pawn in their plans.

* * * * * * *

Eric flicked through the channels until he found something he deemed  worth watching - COPS.

Settling deeper into the chair. Eric watched the show an avid interest into the screw-ups that populated the criminal world, amazed at the stupidity of some of these people. With the knowledge that the were on film - hell, they HAD to see the film crew there - some of the guys still tried running for it, like they thought that they’d not only outrun the cops, but be able to get away with it.

When the show ended, Eric turned off the TV and headed for the bathroom, still shaking his head over the way some people apparently couldn’t see the most obvious things.

Starting a tub of water running, Eric rooted around in the medicine cabinet until he found what he wanted. Humming happily, he climbed into the tub.

An hour later he climbed out of the cooling water and opened the drain, carefully rinsing the tub out. Still humming happily, he got rid of the two packages worth of razors and the empty can of depilatory-laced shaving creme. Admiring himself in the mirror, Eric ran his hands over his smooth skin, thinking that the commercial that had played several times during COPS had been right - it did improve the sensitivity of his skin, and was a ‘cleaner, fresher’ look. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t gotten rid off all the ugly, itchy hair before.

Still happily humming the song from the commercial, Eric had another beer then headed off to bed for his first night’s sleep in his new house.

* * * * * *

“Subject Smith reacted... favorably to the subliminal messages. Not only did he perform as instructed, the commands that keep him from realizing that he is doing anything strange seem to be fully functional.” Beverly recorded with a satisfied smile. Clicking off the recorder, she headed off to bed, leaving only the night staff whose sole job was to awake the day staff as soon as Eric got out of bed.

* * * * * *

Eric padded from his bed to the bathroom, yawning as he did so. He’d had a good night’s sleep, and had nothing he had to do today - that Faber woman had said he’d get a day’s warning every time she wanted to do one of her ‘baseline comparison interviews.’

Which meant he was free to veg in front of the TV.

Turning the big-screen set on, Eric settled into the comfortable chair and flipped around looking for something to watch.

A couple of hours later, finding that it was running into the time-slots where only soaps and boring talk-shows were on, Eric decided to stroll around town. Rising from the chair, he quickly took a shower, enjoying the way his denuded skin felt as he washed - so sensitive and enjoyable.

Toweling slowly and thoroughly - enjoying the sensation - Eric quickly dressed and left his new house. He was located on the edge of the small towns main street, and he decided to walk down one side and back up the other.

Setting out, he took his time, glancing in the windows of the shops, smiling at the people he passed, and enjoying the fine weather.

He was just starting his route back on the other side of the street when he noticed a hair salon. He paused, remembering one of the commercials that had played many times this morning. This salon was the same chain as the ones in the commercial - he assumed that it was a chain, although he’d never noticed any of the before - and the commercial’s main thrust had been to ‘try something new’.

Shrugging, Eric pushed open the door and went in.

“Good morning, sir - how can I help you?” The woman behind the desk asked.

“I was thinking of getting a haircut. Do I need an appointment?”

“Not at all, sir.” The woman assured him. “I’ll take you right now.”

She led him down to one of the chairs and got him ready. “Anything in particular you’d like?”

Eric shrugged. “I want to try something new - so do whatever you think would look good.”

“Yes sir.”

* * * * * * *

“Now, this is important.” Beverly noted to one of her aides. “He’s given her a free hand, which is all right - but we’ll know how successfully it’s going by his reaction when it’s done.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The aide agreed, knowing his boss was repeating information everybody already knew out of nervousness. He didn’t mind - he was finding this experiment exciting as well.

* * * * * * *

“So - what do you think?” The stylist asked, showing him the finished product in one of the three-way mirrors.

Eric eyed the new style critically. His usually straight, mid-brown hair was now pulled into tight curls and bleached almost white - a very light platinum blonde. It was done in an interesting shape, with some curls hanging on the forehead, then becoming thicker at the back. Two longer ‘coils’ hung at the front, one on either side of his face.

Eric turned his head both ways, then lightly patted the pale new ‘do.

“I like it.” He said with a smile. He was amazed at how... ‘fun’ it looked, making him look less serious and more fun-loving. The lighter color further changed the cast of his face. “It’s fantastic.”

The stylist smiled as Eric paid and headed out, pausing a couple of times to admire his reflection in the windows he passed. It did look great, he thought to himself.

His last stop before home was a small store which he hoped would have what he wanted. He hadn’t made this purchase before, and was a little unsure, but the woman behind the counter turned out to be most helpful, and he left with what he needed.

Getting home, he changed into what he’d bought for lounging around the house. He’d seen the garment in a commercial, advertising how comfortable it was to wear, and he thought he’d give it a shot.

Sure enough, the silk negligee felt great when he slid it on. Enjoying the way it felt against his skin - and the way the salmon-color went with his new hair - Eric grabbed another beer and dropped into the chair to watch a little more TV.

A couple of hours later, Eric rose from the chair and stretched - he’d have to spend less lime sitting around or he’d get fat, he thought to himself. Just like that series of commercial that had been on all evening, warning about the dangers of ‘creeping waist spread’, and offering the way to beat it.

Walking into the bathroom, Eric pulled off the comfortable lounging negligee and looked critically at himself. With a sigh, he realized that it was a little to late - he was already a victim of creeping spread. Looking at the thickness of his waist made him feel sick. Just like the commercial warned, the rest of his body could be fit and toned, yet here was this grotesquely thick waist. He couldn’t believe how badly he’d let himself slide.

Then and there, he decided to do something about it. Sliding the negligee back on, he walked into the living room and dialed the number from the commercial. A female voice answered, and he ordered one of their product, overjoyed to hear that they had a nearby shipping outlet and could get it to him first thing in the morning.

Glad that he was going to be able to get back into shape so quickly and easily, Eric watched a little more TV, then headed off to bed.

* * * * * *

Eric felt like a kid at Christmas when, during a light breakfast, he heard the doorbell ring. He ran to the door and eagerly signed for the package, then carried it back to his bedroom.

He’d splurged and bought the De-lux Kit. Opening it, he gleefully pulled out the contents, faced with decision of which would be the best for today.

Finally he decided on the white one. Setting up the supplied auto-lacer, Eric pulled the corset into place and stepped against the machine. It whirred into life, tightening and tying the corset down to the twenty-eight inch diameter he’d set it for. It felt like he was being squeezed to death, and when it was done taking deep breaths had become a chore, but one look in the full-length mirror revealed it was worth it - he no longer looked like a fat slob.

Even better - if he watched what he ate and did the recommended exercises, the corsets would become more comfortable to wear. It was great - a hell of a lot easier than doing thousands of sit-up to loose those disgusting inches.

Happily, Eric dressed, having decided last night to do a little shopping today. Grabbing his wallet, he headed out, reversing the route he’d taken yesterday.

“Oh - Eric.” The saleslady who’d sold him the wonderful negligee called as he started past the boutique. “Can you come in for a minute?”

“Sure!” Eric agreed readily. He followed her into the store, where she had some clothing laying out on the counter.

“Did you like the lounging negligee?” She asked.

“Yeah - it was great. I might need a few more - different colors, to.” Eric enthused

“I thought so. I have some here - plus some other comfortable clothes that you might like to try.” She said with a smile.

Eric went through the pile, finding himself excited - he hadn’t realized how many ‘comfort clothes’ there were to be had. He shook his head - of course not. He used to shop at Wal-mart and K-mart, not an upscale place like this. Thanking the saleslady, he took the two bags of new purchases and continued his stroll, glad that the small town boasted a boutique that carried such a great line of comfort clothes.

He was passing the salon again when the stylist knocked on the window and gestured for him to come in.

“Yeah?” Eric said, stepping in side.

“Well - I was thinking...” The stylist said. “You know, I think there might be something that would make that style look even better...”

When Eric left, he paused and admire the small gold studs in his ears. She’d been right - the rich color of the gold did really enhance the new color of his hair. He could hardly wait until he could wear large gold earrings, to further enhance his new style. God - he was really becoming quite the handsome stud.

Humming happily to himself, Eric continued on.


* * * * * *

“Wow...” One of the technicians breathed, amazed. “And he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing to himself!”

Faber smiled thinly. “That’s more or less the idea, Jeff - and he’s not done yet.” She leaned over and picked up the phone. “I guess it’s time to arrange an exam.”

* * * * * *

“Good Morning, Eric - and how are you doing today?”

“Not bad, Doc.” Eric allowed, settling onto the tissue-paper covering on the exam table. “Just a quick physical exam today, right?”

Beverly nodded, amazed by the responsiveness of the subject. Perhaps it was just a fluke - one out of every million or so subjects would be highly suggestible under the combination of drugs in the food and subliminal in the TV commercials - but Eric was responding much better to the program than they had any right to expect.

Quickly, Beverly ran through a standard exam. Most of it was ‘window dressing’ - this was really a set-up for two purposes. The first was done quite easily, as taking blood wasn’t anything unusual in an exam.

The second, however, was a ‘face-to-face’ set of programming instructions. Previously, Eric had been ‘primed’ into action by the TV, then coached by the employees working in the stores.

This time, however, she was going to test just how suggestible he was - but certain ‘weighted’ comments, like...

“Hmm... I see you’re using one of the new waist-reducers.”

Eric blushed slightly - he wasn’t wearing it at the moment, but the marks that it made in his skin were still faintly visible. “Yeah.”

She nodded. “Good - I didn’t want to mention it, but you are rather thick-waisted. In fact, you are very thick-waisted.”

Eric hung his head a little. “Yeah - I know.” He admitted. “I mean, I’ve known that I’ve had this problem for years, and the waist-reducer’ll help a bit - but what can I do?”

Beverly had to keep a smile from surfacing at his ‘revelation’ that he’d worried about this for years. The hypnotic programming was so strong that he was creating ‘memories’ to match his changing mindset.

“You know,” She said, ‘sympathetically’ “The corset’s a good start - but there’s other ways to make your waist look thinner than it is.”

Eric’s head came up. “There is?”

She nodded. “Sure - by making what is above and below larger, your waist looks smaller. I mean, you’ve obviously been working on your pecs and butt for that reason, right?”

“Yeah.” Eric admitted, his thoughts altering to match her ‘suggestion’. “But you can only do so much that way, you know?”

“Perhaps I can help...”

Continued in the site...






Born Leaders


The plan began in December.

"Check this out, dude." Matt flung an opened letter to his pal Todd. He picked it up and put the Playstation on pause.

"Are you stealing mail?" Todd asked.

"Didn't steal nuthin'" Matt replied. "It was delivered here."

It was a letter, mis-delivered to his house just yesterday. It was a form letter welcoming Nicole and Brianna Lannigan to Oak Pines Cheerleading Camp. But the Lannigans lived halfway across town, in the upper upper-class suburbs - somehow the letter had been totally misrouted and wound up in the mailbox of Matt's house.

They both knew Nicole and Brianna, they were a couple of sisters in the freshman class when they were seniors in high school. But Matt and Todd graduated three years ago, never going to college and staying home with their parents. They worked various part-time jobs to at least pretend they had a real life.

Todd started to read the letter out loud. "Congratulations! You are accepted to Oak Pines Cheerleading Camp for the Summer of 2003! Your skills as cheerleaders are among the best and we look forward to helping you realize the maximum of your cheer potential! You will find your airline tickets and acceptance certificates inside. Read our brochures and fill out your forms, and remember to bring your certificates with you - we will be seeing you in June! Call (650) 867-5309 with any questions. Once again, congratulations!"

"Huh. Great for them." Todd said, tossing it aside. "You gonna go over and give it to them?"

"No. Better idea." Matt said. "I'm gonna keep it." a sinister twinge deepened his voice. "And we're gonna use it."

That's how the plan began.


The initial idea was met with the same accolades that met the invention of the polio vaccine. A boon to mankind, a triumph of the spirit and a transcendent moment in the lives of... well, just Matt and Todd. They had the plane tickets, they had the acceptance letter. They had everything they needed to go there themselves.

"A whole camp of cheerleaders!" Matt enthused.

"Hundreds of teenage virgins!" Todd chimed.

"And we'll have the whole place to ourselves!" Matt concluded on the evidence.

They were beside themselves with anticipation. They believed they literally had the tickets to paradise in their hands.

But then came the problem.

"Dude," Todd said during a game of Resident Evil, some weeks later. "Think they let guys like us into an all-girls' camp?"

"Aw, fuck!" Matt realized.

And then the boys deliberated for another couple of weeks. They finally emerged from long discussions and negotiations with a new accord towards achieving a more perfect plan for the future.

"We should pretend we're cheerleaders, man." Matt said, shoveling dry Cheerios into his mouth.

"Like that movie." Todd added.

"What movie?" Matt asked.

"You know, that one."

"Oh. Yeah."

And then a few days later Todd okayed the initiative.

"What you said, about pretending to be cheerleaders?" Todd asked Matt when they waited for burgers at the drive thru, "We could do that."

"Right." Matt said, expressing his doubts with this course of action. "Like that's possible."

"You leave this to me, dude." Todd said with conviction. "I'll figure this out."

And so it was that the plan went into action.


By the time June rolled around, the boys were ready. They had spent the six months by concocting a diabolical plan worthy of a children's cartoon show. They had: grown out their hair to shoulder length, bought fake breasts, acquired girls clothing, waxed themselves clean, and practiced speaking in a falsetto reminiscent of Howdy Doody.

They both felt that they had come up with a fail proof plan. This from the minds of boys who grew up with not enough TLC and a far too much THC. But they showed up at the airport, flew to Scranton, Pennsylvania and met the bus sent from the camp. In their sweats and baseball cap getup, they had managed to get past every possible checkpoint, and when they presented the official letters of acceptance to the supervisor on the bus, they were warmly accepted.

Never mind that the boys were bigger, taller, uglier and harrier than any girl should be. Somehow they had snuck under the radar. As they rode aboard the old school bus into the hills, Matt and Todd were nervously anticipating the moments and hours ahead. They frankly hadn't thought as far ahead as days, or even weeks. They both figured they'd have to get out of there much quicker than that.

So they started to scan the bus for early conquests. But after only a few minutes, it became obvious that they had boarded some sort of bus designated for the freak girls. There were a lot of chubbies on board, a few horse-faced girls, some skags, a couple of pizza faces and one mutant escapee. It didn't occur to them, but the whole reason they had been able to "slip" by so far was because they weren't the ugliest ones on the bus. By a long shot. Which was quite sad.

"Hi!" One of the chubbies said to Todd. She was seated in front of them. "Do you know if they have pony rides at the camp?" She grinned. "I love ponies. I hope they have pony rides. Because I really like ponies."

"Uh..." Todd replied.

"I know the brochure said nothing about pony rides, but all camps have pony rides, and I was just thinking that this one would have pony rides, and the last camp I went to had pony rides, and the one before that had pony rides, but maybe that's because they were pony riding camps."

Todd kicked the seat. "Shut up, fatty." He groused. And the girl slowly turned to face forward again. "Dude, this is a horse trailer, not a hottie van." He said to Matt.

"It's like riding the special ed bus for cheerleaders." Matt observed. "This sucks."

It wasn't long before the bus pulled into a driveway, and the group filed out onto the woody, grassy terrain of the lakeside camp. Matt and Todd ignored the pastoral scenery and tranquil setting and just ogled chicks. At least they tried to. The place was full of snag-faced girls that were desperately trying to look good and failing spectacularly. It was even worse than the girls on the bus.

Todd had a plan. "Let's just get back on the bus and get the fuck outta here, man."

"Yeah. This is a total rip-off." Matt concluded.

And as the boys turned to see the bus pull away, it dawned on them that they were stuck hundreds of miles from home with no way back.


The Brambley Academy for Young Ladies was founded in 1887, by Lucretia Brambley and advertised as way for young girls to acclimate to the demands of being attentive wives. From the very beginning, the academy regarded itself as one of the finest, and held itself to a high standard of perfection. Since then, it had changed it's name a dozen times and moved it's location five times - all to periodically transform itself into the sort of place that would attract girls in need of help. It had been very successful. The camp was still in the hands of the Brambley family, and held true to it's original mission, no matter what the place was called.

And what was it's mission? To control the United States.

Lucretia Brambley was a suffragette before the term became known. She longed for the power and influence that only men held in this world, and she made it her calling in life to achieve the same level of privilege that males enjoyed. And she eventually succeeded.

'By the side of every good man is a good woman' so goes the phrase, and it was the unofficial credo of the Brambley family. For they knew that to control men, the most effective and subtle way was to control the women they loved.

And that's what the Oak Pines Cheerleading School was set up to do. Unattractive, misfit girls would arrive from all over the country and return as the perfect companion - but under the direct influence of the Brambley family. The camp had been careful to select the most promising young men in schools around the country, and they invited girls from those schools to the camp. When they returned home, they would then mate for life, and the men would unknowingly be under the control of the Brambleys, if only by proxy.

The plan had worked very well. The Brambleys controlled some of congress, the courts, the executive branch, military, Fortune 500 companies, media outlets, colleges and local authorities. And less than a dozen people knew it.

They are benevolent rulers, doing the very best to let the country rule itself just as it should. But when they need to, they can scold the country, and punish it like a naughty child.


Matt and Todd were assigned a bunk bed in a small cabin, with just six others. They left their bags there and were told that the camp would assemble soon. Meanwhile, the boys needed to find a phone. They wanted out, and pronto.

"I'm gonna take a piss." Todd said, in his goofy falsetto.

Matt relaxed on the bed. "Make it quick. Then we go call a taxi or something." Todd then wandered out to find a bathroom. Matt then turned over on his front to lie flat, but found two obtrusive pieces of latex in his way. He nearly grabbed them out of his shirt, but decided better of it, and settled for lying on his back.

"Hi!" A voice said. Matt snapped to attention. "I guess we're sharing a room. My name's Amelia." When Matt got a good look at the face the voice was coming from, he was disappointed The voice was very seductive. Kind of throaty and breathy at the same time. What he saw was a girl with braces and limp pigtails.

Matt answered. "I'm Matt." Oh oh. He forgot who he was supposed to be. And was he Nicole or was he Brianna? "I mean Nicole." He said, realizing it didn't really matter.

"Hey, Nicole." Amelia replied. "That bus ride was so long I forgot my name too."

"Two hours. No shocks on the bus, either. My ass hurts."

"I'm so wiped. I just want to get wasted." Amelia said. "You didn't bring any skunk, did you?"

"Nah. I was afraid I was gonna get searched." Matt was intrigued. This girl at least knew how to relax.

Amelia was bummed. "Shit."

All of the sudden, they were interrupted. "Hi there! I'm Carol Ann. I go to Hogansport High School, home of the fighting crawfish! Double A southern league champs seven years running!" She then ended her little introduction by bouncing. "Gooo crawfish!"

"Hey there." Amelia said, trying not to pay much attention to her. Matt barely even nodded.

"Where are you guys from?" She asked, but then didn't even wait for an answer. "You all amped? This is gonna be the best summer ever, don't you think? I can't wait!"

This Carol Ann girl, besides being an empty-headed fool, was about twenty pounds over the unspoken cheerleader weight, and thirty pounds beyond hottie status. Which in Matt's eyes made her as interesting as a tree stump.

And then Todd returned. "Matt, dude, they told me they don't have any phones..." He said before realizing his mistake. Fortunately, no one had time to digest it.

"Hi! I'm Carol Ann, I got to Hogansport High School, home of the fighting crawfish!" Carol Ann said. Again.

"Yeah." Todd replied. "I'm Nicole."

"I'M Nicole. You're Brianna." Matt interjected.

"Oh yeah." Todd realized. "Well, anyway. The counselor said that there aren't any phones here. They have a radio thing, but no phones allowed."

"Aw, that rips." Matt complained. "Now what?"

Before any more decisions could be made, though, an announcement was made for the camp to assemble in the courtyard. All four trudged off together, some anticipating with great hope, others wondering who they had to bribe to get outta here.


"Hoo doggie!" Cletus said, looking at the forms he had just been handed. "Got some heartbreakers here, don't we?" In a clean, bright white room located twenty feet below the camp, Dr. C. R. Fowler, Ph.D., was looking over the reports for his unwitting clients. Dr. Fowler was a genius at everything from geopolitics to brain surgery. But his position here was as the camp witch doctor. Literally.

The secret of the camp's success wasn't surgery, mind control or other technological approaches, they used good old-fashioned sorcery. Tried and true for ten of thousands of years. No need to "fool with all that modern claptrap" as Dr. Fowler would say.

Dr. Fowler, or Cletus as his coworkers called him, broke down the pile into three categories: "Needs Help," "Needs Lots of Help" and "Dawg Pound." Guess where he put Matt and Todd's reports?

He then brought them with him into the computer room. "Gots to git me some help. These girls get uglier every year," Cletus said in his southern drawl to his assembled staff. "Everybody ready now? We's gonna have our first visitor right soon."

Up top, the gathered crowd of campers was greeted and briefed. Then they were told to pick up their personalized schedules and activity list, then report to the outfitters for the camp uniform and workout wear. Then they broke by doing the camp cheer. At least most of them did.

Matt and Todd had already started to wander away. "Like a bunch of zombies." Matt observed.

"Not the brightest bunch, are they?" Amelia said, catching up to the two. "You guys gonna go get the schedules?"

"I guess." Todd said.

"Whatever." Matt enthused.

"Yeah." Amelia added. "This is gonna be one freakin' long camp."

Silently, they all agreed.


Clad in the camp-issued short shorts and sports bras, Matt and Todd looked at each other with equal amounts of ridicule and disgust. How had they miscalculated so badly that they wound up in this condition? How had their brilliant plan gone so wrong? Well there was little time for the deep, critical analysis the two boys were sure to engage in later. It was now time for Todd's "Individual Skills Assessment Test," the first scheduled activity, as the personalized schedule dictated. Matt's test was soon after that.

A loose line had formed outside the cabin in which the assessment was be made. Todd was let in, and Matt and Amelia waited outside for Todd to finish.

"You big into the whole cheer thing?" Matt asked her.

"My mom was way big into it, and she signed me up." Amelia admitted. "I'd much rather be home playing th' gamecube."

"Gamecube's for fags." Matt commented.

"That's what my bother says. You a gamer?"

"All the way. I got my PS2 and an XBox."

"No way!"

"Oh yeah. It's suh-weet."

Amelia was impressed. "That's so cool. I could only afford the cube."

"It's not that bad for the classic Nintendo franchise games, but..."

"Hey guys!" Carol Ann had pranced over, interrupting again. "You here for the skills test? I'm pretty good, but I'm so excited to see what an expert thinks! You guys excited too?"

Matt and Amelia were getting fed up. Amelia spoke. "Look, Trixie Joe, or whatever your name is, we're having a conversation here."

"Yeah, skankbag." Matt threw in.

Carol Ann put her hand on her hip and smiled even more. "Oh, you guys!" She said in a good-natured way that indicated she wasn't capable of interpreting an insult.

"Hey, Carol Ann!" A voice came from behind. It was Todd. "Hey guys!"

"How'd you do, Brianna?" Carol Ann asked Todd.

"Oh, I need some work, they said." He replied. "But they said I had a lot of potential!"

Matt snickered. "That's great." He stretched his neck. "Guess it's my turn. Wish me luck."

"Good luck, Nicole!" Carol Ann energetically said.

Matt let himself into the cabin, exiting the sunlit outside into the dark interior. "Hop up on the chair, sweetie," a voice said.

Matt saw a examination chair in the middle of the room and crawled up onto it. There was only one person in the room, a middle-aged woman who had a stethoscope and clipboard.

"You're Nicole Lannigan?" She asked.

"Yeah." Matt replied. He was worried that this test was going to be a little more intimate than he had first assumed. But Todd got out of it okay, so this must not be that big a deal.

"I just had your sister in here." The woman said. "My name's Patty, by the way." She hit a lever and the chair fell back even further. "Now I want you to relax and breathe deeply. What we'll be doing first is checking your blood pressure and pulse, just to make sure you're in good health. No reason to be scared."

Patty wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Matt's arm and started to pump. As she let the air out and checked her watch, twenty feet below ground, Dr. Fowler began his incantations.

"You care about your appearance, don't you?" Patty asked.

"Like anybody else." Matt replied, shrugging. He felt like he was drifting.

"Nicole, you care about your appearance. It is very important to you."

Matt thought. It was hard for him to concentrate. He felt a little high. And he had plenty of experience with that feeling. Ii was true, he did care about his appearance. And it was very important to him.

"It is important for you to look beautiful at all times." Patty continued.

Beautiful. Matt wanted to be beautiful.

"Like a lot of young women your age, you will be becoming more beautiful and more desirable. You want this, and you welcome it. But you will not be alarmed when it happens. You will accept it, and not question it."

He was maturing. Soon, he would be beautiful. How he looked forward to that.

"You love to wear make-up. You want to wear lipstick, mascara, blush and powder. Learning how to apply it and use it is something you will always work hard on. You are naked without make-up."

Make-up was crucial. How had he not understood this before? It was so important. Where could he find some? He needed it now.

"You will want to be the very picture of femininity. You will act like the delicate young lady that you are. You will be a well-behaved, considerate and docile girl."

He would be these things. Matt knew he was going to be everything Patty said he was.

"This is Nicole. This person who is a beautiful, delicate girl is Nicole. This is you."

He was Nicole. This was who he was.

"How'd it go?" Amelia asked Matt when he left the cabin.

"Hey guys! Oh, I need some work, they said." He replied. "But they said I had a lot of potential!"

Amelia looked at him a little cockeyed. "Uh, good?" She wasn't sure what this meant.

"Amelia Romero?" Patty called from inside the cabin. "You're next!" Amelia hesitatingly entered, looking at Todd and Matt with doubt. But she still went inside.

"Do you know where I can get some make-up, Carol Ann?" Matt asked.

"Make-up?" Todd asked. "What would you want with make-up?" Matt was a guy. He wouldn't need any make-up. That was pretty gay. But he needed some. "Yeah, Carol Ann? Do you have any we can borrow?" Todd begged.

Carol Ann had all the answers. "There's tons at the supply shack. They have a whole bunch of stuff, and it's all free!"

"Great!" Todd said.

"That's terrific!" Matt echoed.


Todd sat on the bed with Matt as they ravaged through a sack of assorted cosmetics. They were lucky to get them, as every girl in camp seemed to want some as well. Todd was trying his third shade of lipstick and considering the results in a hand mirror he held. Matt was practicing his mascara with his mirror in hand, one eye on the reflection and one eye on his friend.

"Dude," he said to Todd, "why are you wearing lipstick? It makes you look so totally homo."

"Lipstick is the most crucial part of my face!" Todd declared. "But I don't understand why YOU'RE wearing make-up, Matt."

"Nicole. My name is Nicole." Matt said.

"No it's not. Your name is Matt. What the heck happened to you?"

"What happened to you, Todd?"

"Brianna." Todd replied. "If you insist that your name is Nicole, you can at least use MY real name."

"Hey!" Amelia said, joining the two boys on the bed. "Why didn't you wait for me?"

"Sorry!" Matt apologized "But I had to get some make-up, it's just too weird not to have it on."

Amelia looked at Matt with a confused expression on her face. She looked at Todd, who was nodding agreement. Then she grabbed a tube of lipstick and started to apply it herself. "I KNOW!" She said. "What was I ever thinking? I should have make-up on all the time!"

"Show me how to do this, Amelia!" Todd said, holding some powder in his hands. "I'm just so ignorant!"

Amelia picked up the brush and started to apply it to Todd's face. "You have to blend." She said. "Blend, blend, blend, and then blend some more."

The bubbly presence of Carol Ann inserted itself onto the proceedings. "Hey guys!" She said, taking an uninvited seat on the bed.

"Hi." Amelia said.

"Yeah, Hi." Matt mumbled.

"Doing make-up?" She asked. "I love make-up!" She immediately started to root through the pile of cosmetics. She picked out a tube of pink lipstick and handed it to Matt. "This is your shade."

"Huh?" Was his reply.

"You're a Light Summer." Carol Ann estimated. "I used to work a cosmetics counter at Nordstroms. It's my thing."

"What else do I need? I mean, you're the expert!" Matt had to know. Suddenly Carol Ann was a lot more intriguing to Matt.

"Okay, you have light brown hair and fair skin and blue eyes. You want to use light grays, light blues, roses, pinks, and lavender colors."

"What am I? What am I?" Todd queried. "Tell me!"

"Okay, you have reddish brown hair and some freckles. You're a Warm Spring. Peach, pumpkin, golden browns, aqua and yellow-greens for you. Like this!" She held up a glittery orangish eye shadow. Todd snatched it out of her hands.

"Me! Me too!" Amelia begged, presenting her face for analysis.

"Deep Autumn. Dark hair, dark eyes. Blacks, charcoal, rich red, purple, cream." Carol Ann said. And Amelia immediately went diving into the pile for like matches.

"Me?" Todd held up a mascara for Carol Ann's opinion.

"Too light." She answered. She picked out another one. "Here. This one. I'll put it on for you." Without further prompting, Todd stuck his face forward and waited patiently. Carol Ann quickly and expertly applied it, as the other two looked on and memorized the method.

"I still don't think you should be wearing make-up." Matt said to Todd, with offense.

"So what about nail polish?" Carol Ann asked.

"Nail polish!?" All three said simultaneously. They then went back to picking through the pile voraciously.


When day broke the next morning, Matt knew it was time to get up when he saw Todd's foot - with painted toenails - dangle over the side of the bed. "You awake, Matt?" He whispered.

"Nicole." He whispered back.

"We need to talk. Let's go outside."

They tiptoed outside into the dewy morning, careful not to wake anybody else. They got to a clear area where they could speak in confidence. "I don't wanna stay here, Man." Todd said. "It's time we got outta here. Strange things are goin' on."

"Like your new need for make-up. And your new name." Matt said.

Todd scoffed at that. "Me? You're the one with the girly thing going."

"But I'm supposed to be... Never mind." Matt ended that thread. "What we still gotta do is get out of here."

"I was looking on the activity thing." Todd held up his schedule. "There's a trip to the small town down the road for people who need to pick up something at the store."

"Yeah!" Matt said. "That's what we're looking for!"

"But it's not until tonight."

"Shee-it. But I guess it's better than being stuck here for the month."

Todd shrugged. "I gotta go do my face." He said, walking back to the cabin.

"Me first!" Matt said, running past him.

The two boys dressed in the shorts and camp T-shirts. Secretly, both were revolted by the bodies they had. They felt like big apes. Accordingly, they spent a lot of time on their shaving, catching every last hair they could find. And they spent even more time on the make-up, using every new skill they had to make themselves beautiful. Though not much could really help. Carol Ann lent her expertise when she woke up.

"Welcome to Cheerleading 101." The young woman at the front of the class said. "This is the class where we cover the fundamentals of being a the best of the best. We will have you performing at a championship level. And you will ALL be winners!" She was a tall blond, her hair in a pony tail and wearing a version of the camp t-shirt with a counselor designation on it. When she talked, she had a tendency to bounce and gallop back and forth, and she never spoke a word in anything but the most energetic way possible. "We'll be breaking up into groups, everyone get in line." She pointed to a half-dozen other counselors that were waiting at the sides of the class. "Line up with a counselor, no more than five people to a group."

Matt found Todd and Amelia found them, and of course so did Carol Ann. They then got to a counselor who happened to be the woman who was leading the class. She led them over to spot where they had room to work. "All right." She began. "We'll start off with something simple. I want to see you walk a straight line. This will check your balance." She marked off a line in the dirt with her shoe. "You." She pointed to Todd. "You first."

Todd walked over to the end of line, and trudged casually along it.

"Oooo-kay." The counselor said. "A few tips." She positioned herself at the end of the line. "One foot in front of the other, short steps, arms out, elbows in, fingers point out, wiggle the hips. Like this." The counselor proceeded to mince down the line smoothly, like a dancer. "Heel-toe, heel-toe. Okay, you." She pointed to Carol Ann. "You try."

Carol Ann followed the directions and imitated the walk exactly. "That's great!" The counselor enthused. "Now everyone try."

"Achoo!" Amelia sneezed.

"Bless you!" Carol Ann said. "Allergies?"

"Just something in the air."

Meanwhile, twenty feet below, Dr. Fowler had already begun to burn the offerings and chant the spell he needed to. Through the sprinkler system, an invisible smoke started to waft across the grounds of the camp.

Cletus then left his staff to continue the incantation while he got to work on the elixir that he needed ready by lunchtime. He had a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

"Okay, now I want to see how you do in the sit test." The head counselor said. She seemed satisfied with the results of the walk exercise. She walked over to a pile of folding chairs and brought one back. She set it down and started to demonstrate. "What I want you to do is walk to the chair and sit down."

"What does this have to do with cheerleading?" Amelia asked.

"EVERYTHING!" The counselor snapped. Amelia shut her mouth. "Watch me now. I walk to the chair, bend at the hips and knees, smooth the skirt under me..." She did the same as she talked. "Keeping my legs together at all times. I then swivel into position, and if I want to, cross my legs at the ankle." She added another important point. "And if there's no table, like we have here, keep you hands folded on your knees and your arms straight. Or on your lap in formal situations."

"Why don't you try." She said to Matt. He gulped.


Whistles blew, an announcement was made and it was time for lunch. Matt, Todd, Amelia and Carol Ann had all worked themselves to the bone, and were desperate for something to eat. They hobbled and minced across the grounds, walking with their arms pointed out, the feet going heel to toe and generally looking very swishy.

"Stop doing that!" Matt yelled at Todd.

"You stop!" Todd yelled back.

They made it eventually to the mess hall, where they got their trays and ran it down the line for delicious, delicious food. "What do you suppose that is?" Matt asked Amelia. He was pointing to a green semitransparent glob with chunks in it.

"A semitransparent green glob with chunks." She replied.

"And this?" He held up a silver goblet with an orange liquid inside that boiled despite being cold. It leaked a white mist that drifted over the rim.

"Diet shake." The lunch lady said, uninvited.

"Diet shake?" Amelia asked. She smelled the acrid odor from the mist.

"Diet shake." The lunch lady reaffirmed.

They found a table and were quickly joined by Todd, and as usual, Carol Ann. And of course, they all sat down at the table gracefully smoothing nonexistent skirts. "What kind of diet shake is this anyway?" Matt said to Todd.

"A shake?" Todd said excitedly. "Cool! I thought it was some stupid health drink." He quickly downed the whole goblet. He then plopped the empty cup down on the table and let out a dramatic "Ahhh." Matt and Amelia exchanged a look of doubt and then took tentative sips simultaneously.

As the group then started to pick at the meager, miserable meal that was laid out for them, it seemed there were no good choice. Most avoided the glob and went for something square that had chicken in it, hypothetically. When Matt stabbed at it, he found a lock of hair falling in his face. He tucked it back in place, and then just as quickly, another lock fell from the other side. After that happened a couple of more times, he finally gave up and undid the rubber band that was holding his hair in place. It then spilled out all over, almost into his food. He had to gather at all back up again and refasten it in his ponytail. It took him nearly a full minute to do so, as he had far more hair there than he was used to. This hair wasn't just to his neck, this hair was going down below his shoulders.

He was about to say something, but when he looked up, he saw that Todd, Amelia and even Carol Ann all has huge heads of hair. He then just figured he had suffered from some rare mental condition that caused him to underestimate how much hair used to be on people's heads. That was the only explanation. It couldn't be that everyone's hair had grown a foot in the last few seconds, could it? He took another sip of his diet shake to clear his mind.

And another lock of hair fell into his face.


For the afternoon activity, they gathered in a smaller cabin with a few other campers and took seats on benches. A VCR and TV were at the front of the room, and when they had all made it inside, a counselor steeped forward. "What we want to do is review some basic moves and show you girls how to break down any jump, kick or vault into easy to follow steps. Just watch the video." She then flicked the TV to life.

Matt, Todd and Amelia slouched and got comfortable, while Carol Ann sat on the edge of her seat. "We're paying a thousand dollars to watch video tapes?" Amelia griped.

"A thousand dollars!?" Todd cried. "You mean a whole thousand?"

"Shhh!" a few dozen people said.

"I didn't know it was that much." Todd whispered.

Then they focused on the tape. It showed a bunch of young girls in assembled formations, jumping and kicking and screaming like cheerleaders do. Instantly, Todd and Matt started to grow bored. And then they started to lose a little bit of consciousness.

"Let's talk about the game of football," The bubbly girl on screen said. "Football is a pretty dangerous sport. Lots of people get hurt all the time. People have broken their spines and become paralyzed. Some have even died!"

Matt hadn't considered this. He had been on the JV team back in high school, but now that seemed like a crazy idea. He could have gotten killed.

"In fact, all contact sports are really, really dangerous! You never know when somebody's going to get a broken bone or a worse!"

He had played basketball, too. Why had he taken such risks with his body?

"That's why we let the boys play those sports. And that's why they need cheerleaders! We cheer them up, and lead the crowd! They need that kind of comfort when they're risking their health for your school!"

Of course. That made so much sense. That's why cheerleading was so important. Matt used to think it was just a bunch of airheads screaming on the sideline. But now he understood their place now.

"Now, football is a game where people run up and down the field and try to get the ball into the end places and through the yellow bar thing. That's all you really need to know about football. Don't even worry about anything else."

In basic terms, that was correct. That's all you really needed to know, Matt realized. And with that, all the rules of football dropped right out of his head.

"Okay! Now, most important of all, you've got to smile! Smile big and bright and be happy all the time! That's what your team wants to see, not a bunch of sad frowny faces! Smile!"

There. That was just common sense. Matt knew that. But now he knew he had to keep smiling.

"In fact, just smile for everyone! Everywhere! People like you when you're happy! Don't limit it to the field, just show your big smile to the whole world!"

Smiling. It was that easy. All he had to do was smile for everyone and people felt better. He knew it worked on him. And now he would show the world how happy they could be.

"Your energy level should be up, up, and up! Be peppy! Be chipper! Feel good about yourself! Feel good about your friends! Feel good about everything! Smile! Laugh! Giggle! You need to get people to forget all those depressing things like politics, money, death n' stuff! Just like you do! You don't worry about that stuff anymore, do you?"

Matt knew now he had been such a bring-down to everyone. He hadn't been putting his best face forward, moping around like a dumpy dumdum. He had been so wrapped up in problems and junk that he didn't do the most essential thing in the world. He hadn't made people feel good. He needed to forget about all that stuff he worried about, because life was too short not to feel great.

"Let's not be Crabby Cathies! Always like, look on the bright side of life! You know you can, you know you want to!"

He did. Matt really, really did.

"You don't need to swear or curse, or ever be angry or nasty to anyone ever again! It's so like, extra dumb!"

He felt like an idiot for being so blind, so vulgar and so surly. This would all change. It had to change. It was over. The new Matt would be a better person starting right now.

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