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She shuddered and yelped as her skin began to shift and slide like Jordan's had. Her belly tightened even more than Jordan's, into a flat-as-a-board midsection. Her entire body was tight and perfect, like she spent hours in a gym, and there didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on her. She had the shape and physique of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, with long legs and a long torso like a Victoria's Secret model. She had an adorable, heart-shaped face with huge blue eyes, long lashes and a little button nose. She had very even, chalk-white teeth and a toothy, infectious grin. Piercing holes appeared in her navel, tongue, multiple ones in her ears, one in her left nostril and another, almost imperceptible one in her clitoral hood. A thin tribal band appeared on her skin around her upper left arm and a matching tribal fan appeared in the small of her back. Her tits gathered up and swelled to huge proportions, overbalancing her small, five foot three frame and making her look incredibly top-heavy. She actually didn't look old enough for her perky, beautiful nineteen years!






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