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A week and a few days later Billy sauntered back into the Psychologist’s eclectic office.  His new gray colored boots had sturdy three- inch heels on them that clip-clopped with each step.  His shiny black leggings creaking as they hugged tightly to his slender legs, and his hair – now just slightly  longer than before, was styled in an overtly feminine way, that when coupled with his slightly less ‘muted’ use of cosmetics, gave him an ‘Adam Lambert’ like appearance.

He slumped back in the chair and huffed angrily as he crossed his arms in front of him.  If he had had breasts…his posture, plus his new v-neck shirt would certainly have showed off ample cleavage.

“Like, oh-my-god what a week!” he whined.

 “Well now,” Dr. Smith chuckled, “That doesn’t sound too promising.  Tell me all about it now Billy”

Doctor Smith's Office Promo 

The boy sighed an exaggerated sigh, then adjusted his pastel blue tunic top in before crossing his legs and sitting up straight in the chair, groaning, “Work, work, WORK! I've had like, no time for anything else with all this WORK!”

“Oh?” the Doctor asked, looking concerned, “What kind of work Billy?  School work? Work related to the drug Study?  What kind of work?”

 Billy sighed again, “Its school work, yeah.  The study barely seems interested in me anymore, they just give me an injection and a refill on those pills each week and then send me on my way” he shrugged and rolled eyes, then blew his bangs out of his eyes.

“Oh my” Dr. Smith exclaimed, “Well then, how does that make you feel Billy? Are you missing the interaction with the study group? With the other participants?”

Billy looked completely spaced out as he pondered a response, “Well, like, I guess so,” he replied eventually, “I mean I guess we're all in the same boat and stuff, right? But it just seems like half the time they're all working and the other half they're out at bars and junk”

The Psychologist tried not to chuckle at the young man’s newly found lexicon.  The ‘old’ Billy never used words like ‘junk’ and ‘stuff’ the way the ‘new’ Billy seemed to.  Dr. Smith found it rather amusing.

“So then you wish you could join them...socially I mean?  You are missing that…social interaction within your peer group”

“Yeah!” Billy chimed excitedly, “That’s totally it!  I just wanna go to bars and drink and meet like, cute guys…er, people like everyone else is.”





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